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    » Request For Quote on D2 Deisel
    Afghanistan International Petroleum required D2 L0262 or DT 0262 for...


    Head office address: Baraki Gulzar Market- Kabul- Afghanistan
    0093 799 11 11 11
    0093 799 11 11 16


    Join with A.I.P. is more than just a routine day job.

    Afghanistan International Petroleum recognizes the achievement of the organization depends on the quality, effort and cooperation of its employees. We have a responsibility towards our employees, to provide a high standard of employment and working conditions, to treat employees fairly and equitably and to pride them with opportunities to help them develop and achieve a sense of satisfaction of their work.

    In every project, there are dedicated and professionals human resources who assist the line managers in the management and development of our staff. The admin/finance department is responsible for the compilation and interpretation of policy in relation to the recruitment, retention and development of company-wide human resources, in addition to a number of people-related administrative activities.

    If you are interested in joining with A.I.P., send your CV to

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